The Minimum Viable Paper

In entrepreneurship, there is one term when it comes to product development. The MVP. MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product. It means that before the release of a final product you start with a basic prototype that gives a proper impression of its functionality to potential investors or users. It has not yet all the... Continue Reading →

Why conference SPAM Mails are a symptom of a broken academic culture

I really should have started a section in my CV of conferences I was invited to as a plenary speaker but which I have declined - or better said: not responded. The emails I receive daily nowadays - sometimes multiple ones - always find new fancy sounding conference names and acronyms. Yet their increase in... Continue Reading →

Review process revised

I used to be a really tough reviewer who frequently rejected and barely gave minor revisions. I took my gatekeeper job very seriously, perhaps too serious. I don’t know. Nowadays, I feel really sorry if I have to suggest a rejection. I’m empathic with the authors who put all their work into it - perhaps... Continue Reading →

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